Free Training: Strategy #1

Creating Engaging Content

When your content is engaging, people like it, share it, and talk about it with their friends.

Which in the online world, means all your back-links, rankings, views and most importantly, brand awareness grows automatically, faster than you could ever engineer yourself.

This is the power of video.

Create Engaging Videos

People like doing business with people they like and who are passionate about what they do. Share your passion for your business, products, services and team by creating personalized video content. Speak directly into the camera and share your story.

It's easier than you think. We can help.

Share Your Expertise

People are looking for answers online. 90% of all online experiences begin with a search and they need experts who have the solutions. Be the local expert in your niche  and rank high in online searches.

Be the solution your audience is looking for.

Share Your Success Story

Share the Testimonial You Deserve Don't sit around hoping that your clients will say something nice about you on Yelp. Share that great success story yourself in a video that is sure to be found in Google searches. Video success stories build trust in your potential clients in the same way that testimonials do.

Your success stories deserve to be shared and found online.

Video #1 Your Story

This is your most important video. It helps people to get to know you, your business, your products and services, and allows you to share your passion for your work. Introduce yourself, your products and services and demonstrate how you provide the solution to their most pressing challenges.

Video #2 Be the Expert

Get specific with the answers to questions your target market are searching for online. When you provide the solution, you not only demonstrate your knowledge and position yourself as the expert in your niche, you begin to develop the trust of your audience.

Video #3 Success Story

Share a success story of a one of your recent clients. Describe in detail the challenge your client face and how your products or services provided the solution.

Get All Three Videos

In the Ultimate Video Production Starter Package. Perfect for businesses just getting going with video marketing.

  • Your First Three Videos
  • Your Video Branding
  • Your Youtube Channel Set Up
  • Optimization of Your Channel and Your Videos
  • Keep Your Branding Elements For Use in Future Videos

Companies who are still shying away from video do so because...

They think video production is...
  • too expensive
  • too complicated and
  • too time consuming

They're right! IF, you plan on tackling it alone, but it doesn't have to be.

Gain Crowd Media has developed affordable video marketing production packages that can fit into almost any budget, that will get you reaching your video marketing goals in no time.

Video Production Options

That Fit Your Needs and Your Budget


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