How Video Production Days with Gain Crowd Media Work

Video Production Days are held at convenient Orange County locations.

We provide professional...

  • camera equipment
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Backgrounds
  • and are ready to capture your content.

Don't pay to bring the production to you. Heavy lights, cameras and equipment cost time and money to set up and take you away from operating your business. Gain Crowd Media production days make the process of capturing video content easy and affordable so you can have the up to date current video content you need on your website to create engagement with your audience and convert traffic into paying customers.


  1. Pick the day and time slot that is convenient for you
  2. Strategize with our team on your script content
  3. Arrive camera ready
  4. Deliver your content with the help of our coach or teleprompter
  5. Walk away with your ready to edit HD video content

There are different ways you can participate in Video Production Days by Gain Crowd Media

  • 1

    As Part of a single Production Package

    Choose one of our convenient video production packages that meets your goals, then produce your video content in our controlled studio to make these packages more affordable than ever. We recommend the Ultimate Video Production Package for businesses who are just getting started with video production because it gives you everything you need. After that, produce a video as you need it.

  • 2

    As part of On Going Video Production

    Sign up for ongoing access to our production days and keep your content fresh every month. Choose from half hour to one hour production time slots depending on how many videos you want to capture each month.

  • 3

    Capture and Go - Edit it Yourself

    With this option you can capture your content in our controlled studio environment with professional equipment, operators and even talent, without the time and expense of purchasing the equipment, learning how to operate it and the time it takes to set it all up. After your shoot, take your captured content with you and edit it with your branding for professional video production on a budget.

Not ready to be in front of the camera yourself? Use a professional spokes model or host.

Professional Female Spokes Models Professional Female Spokes Models

Don't let stage fright keep you from producing the content you need to engage your audience. Our professional spokes models are camera ready to go to deliver your content.

Professional Male Spokes Models Professional Male Spokes Models

Need to add another level of professionalism to your business video. Choose a male or female spokes model to deliver your script on point.

Not sure what the right strategy is for your video marketing? Book a FREE consultation.