Companies Saw the Potential Early and jumped into video marketing. Many of them spent a lot of time and energy creating videos to promote their business, products and services only to be disappointed. After hours of production, brain storming ideas, writing content, delivering content in front of a camera, editing videos, and learning how to operate all of the equipment and software they needed to produce the content, (not to mention the cost of the software, cameras, lighting, microphones and the list goes on) most were rewarded with NO VIEWS, (ok their mom watched). This is not only frustrating, it is down right heart breaking! I know, I’ve been there!

If you are like me, you put your heart and sole into your business and into anything you do to promote your business and share your passion. After all, none of us would be in business for long if we weren’t passionate about what we do. And video production is perhaps the most personal type of promotion there is because often it’s you, the business owner, in front of the camera. Imagine putting all of that time and effort into something you are so passionate about and getting nothing but the sound of crickets chirping in return. Literally no positive response! No views, no likes, no shares, no comments and of course no conversions or sales. Well, it doesn’t take most companies more than one attempt at this before they throw in the towel on video marketing all together, and that is literally what happened.

Lots of companies jumped into video marketing early, got burned and got out as fast as they could! This just didn’t happen to the little guys, it happened to a lot of large corporations too. They spent huge budgets on video production, launched their videos on YouTube with anticipation of easy online conversions and got very few views for their efforts. In fact, for the most part, it wasn’t large Corporations that figured out how to be successful with video marketing on YouTube, it was “You-Tubers” mostly teenagers, moms and British hotties… that figured out how to attract attention, engage audiences, build followings, and sell the CRAP out of all kinds of products.

“Go Teeny Boppers! (I mean millennials). Because you guys ROCK!”

Eventually the high paid “marketing experts” finally decided they should just copy what the You-Tubers were doing (yes it took years for them to humble themselves, but they did it.) And now, video is EXPLODING! Video is freaking everywhere. It’s the most engaging, highest converting, most shared type of online marketing content available and if you have not decided yet that it is time to try it again, then grab your kids blow up baseball bat and knock yourself on the head and say,


Because if your marketing strategies still consist of print ads, cold calling and email marketing, your probably starting to go broke and those crickets are getting louder again.

So let’s be real. It’s still very easy to hear nothing but crickets when you try video marketing IF you are still using the old techniques. The good news is, there are new proven strategies you can implement into your video marketing production and campaigns that will ensure you get some traction on those videos your about to make. And you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money if you do it right. But before you get started, let’s make sure you know what the Top 10 Biggest Reasons Companies Failed at Video Marketing are. These mistakes are still easier to make than ever because there are so many videos uploaded to YouTube every day (100 hours of video content,world wide, every minute) your video is bound to get lost more than ever if you don’t follow my simple list of mistakes to avoid.

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After you’ve gotten these strategies and know the mistakes to avoid, you’ll want to jump right in. Be my guest, the waters warm!