Get the traffic you deserve

with the Ultimate Video Marketing Starter Package

Everything you need to market your business with video

This package includes your three core videos, your branding assets, (that you get to keep so you can use them on future videos), your Youtube channel set up and optimization and your videos optimized to be found online. We work with you to gather the content we need, then handle the rest so you can focus on your business.


  • Branding

    • Youtube Channel Set Up with Branding and Optimization
    • Animated Video Graphics Branding Intro and Outro to brand your videos
    • Video End Card to move your viewers to action
  • Pre-Production Planning

    • Key Word Search to make sure we are targeting your clientele
    • Script Development to keep you focused and on track
    • Training to teach you how to present your content and drive views
  • Video Production

    • 30 Minute On Camera Production Time Slot
    • “Your Story” Video is your main video that introduces you to your clients
    • Two Additional Videos to get you started producing traffic driving content
  • Post Production

    • Advanced Video Optimization and uploading of your videos
    • Custom Video Thumbnails to attract views
    • Professional Editing of your videos with seamless transitions and royalty free background music

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Our Next Video Production Day is March, 10 2016


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Here’s What’s Included in the Ultimate Video Marketing Starter Package


  • 1

    Your Story Video:

    The most important video for any business to have. This video lives on the landing page of your website and tells your story and reveals your passion behind your business products and services. People like doing business with people and brands they like, so share your story in this 2 minute video and start building a crowd of loyal fans. This video includes advanced editing with seamless transitions, royalty free background music and placement of your branded intro, outro and end cards. (B-roll not included)

  • 2

    Two Additional Videos:

    Position yourself as an expert in your niche in the eyes of your potential customers and Google’s with “How To” videos based on your expertise in your niche, on topics people search for most. When businesses and professionals have problems, they turn to Google for answers and you will be there to provide the solutions they’re looking for, through the most popular media available, video! Or Choose to highlight a customer success story and let Google serve up your testimonial style video organically. These videos are 2 minutes or less each. The perfect length to capture and hold your audiences attention.

  • 3

    One Hour On Camera Production Time Slot:

    You’ll be in front of the camera with professional lighting, background, sound and video production equipment. The pros from our team will be there with you, to guide you through your content. We’ll help you relax and deliver your message with ease and confidence.

  • 4

    Pre-Production Key Word Search:

    A simple and often over looked step. Make sure your producing the right kind of content based on what your audience is searching for on Google. We’ll do a Google key word search to determine the best key words and phrases you should be building content around to attract clients in your target market. Make sure your not wasting your time making videos about topics that have low search volume, high competition or that your target audience isn’t interested in.

  • 5

    Script Development:

    Coaching and editing. We guide you in the development of your script so they come together quickly and easily. Your script will be professionally edited for length and content to make sure your videos are engaging and deliver the content you need to move viewers down your sales funnel.

  • 6

    Pre and Post Production Guidance:

    We’ll provide valuable information to help you get ready for your production day with tips on how to look, sound and feel confident in front of the camera. After your videos are complete, you’ll also receive tips on the best ways to share your new videos to get the most value from your content.

  • 7

    Professional Editing of Your Videos:

    Seemless transitions and royalty free background music you’ll keep your viewers interest while you deliver content that will inspire brand loyalty and position you as the expert in your niche.

  • 8

    Animated Video Branding Intro and Outro:

    Bring your branding to life with animated motion graphics that reveal your logo and your brand in all it’s glory. We’ll create graphics that represent your brand through movement, sound and imagery that will help you be remembered.

  • 9

    Video End Card:

    Keep your viewers engaged with this interactive video end card that will play at the end of each of your videos and feature your social media icons and web address and stream a sample of your next video on the screen . Drive traffic where you want it most, on your channel and your assets.

  • 10

    Youtube Channel Set-up with Branding and Optimization:

    Your Youtube channel will be branded with a great looking header banner that features your logo, tag line, colors, type fonts, and business contact information so your clients know exactly where they are when they land on your channel. Google will find you as well with advanced search optimization including submissions to your about section, play list set ups, tags and advanced settings all set for optimal performance of your channel.

  • 11

    Uploading and Advanced Video Optimization of Your Videos:

    We use more than a dozen optimization techniques to be sure that your videos can be found by the search engines including, tagging, rich keyword descriptions, title maximizing strategies, transcription of your video, play list submission and much more. Once your videos are uploaded to your new Youtube channel, we do online submissions to the most popular sites to create hundreds of back links to push your video onto the internet.

  • 12

    Custom Video Thumbnails:

    Don’t leave it up to Youtube to grab a shot of you mid-sentence with your mouth half open to display your video thumbnail. Get a professional, custom thumbnail that quickly helps people understand what your video is all about to drive clicks and views.

Order Your Ultimate Video Marketing Production Package Now

And Be Included In Our Next Video Production Day (Happening Soon!)

You’ll Receive…

  • Three Videos: The most important videos you need to start your video marketing campaign
  • Professional Branding Package: So your videos look professional and you can continue making branded videos like a pro
  • Youtube Channel Set Up and Optimization: So your videos are found by your target market

Get Going on Your Video Marketing Now


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You Can’t Afford The Time… 


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Our Video Marketing Starter Package is our way of helping businesses get started with video marketing and avoid the risk of losing countless hours and dollars trying to develop effective video marketing content on their own without a clear plan or expertise.



The benefits of video marketing are huge and here are just a few…

  • Show Up In the Google Search Engine: Google offers a variety of types of content for each query, one of which is video. Because few companies are optimizing video content, it is easier to rank videos on the first page of Google searches than it is to rank a website.
  • Help Your Website Rank Better in Google Searches: Google loves video, heck they love video so much, they bought Youtube and they favor website with video on their landing page. So much so that a landing page with video on it is 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of a Google search.
  • Video is Shared More on Social Media Than Any Other Type of Content: Not only that, it’s clicked on 5 times more often than any other type of content.
  • Tell Your Story and Earn Loyal Customers: People like doing business with people they like, so share your story in a format that allows you to express your passion through rich visual content.
  • Video Makes Your Websites More Sticky: Meaning people will stay on them longer giving you more time to convert them into customers. When people see a video on a website they will click on it and watch it 60% of the time.
  • Convert Viewers into Shoppers: 60% of shoppers say that they visited a store online or in person as a direct result of watching a video.

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You Can’t Afford to Not Think About Hosting and Distribution…


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To many companies spend thousands of dollars on just one video to represent their company but never think about how it will be hosted, branded, distributed and most importantly how their video will move their viewers into action after watching their video. They end up with a “trophy video” that looks great, but does nothing to drive traffic to their business and we are ready to change that.



Here Are Some Examples of How You Can Use Your Videos

The Possibilities Are Endless:

  • On Your Website: to engage your visitors and tell your story
  • To Share Your Testimonials: People love to here your company success stories and testimonials and will search for your reputation online. Give them a video showing your happy clients share their experience
  • Upload to LinkedIn and other Social Media Accounts: People sometimes forget that you can host video on your LinkedIn Profile
  • On Your Signature Line: Introduce yourself with video each time you send out an email
  • As a Blog Entry: They say that it would take 1.8 million words of text to capture the richness communicated through 1 minute of video
  • In a Newsletter or Email Marketing Campaign: Video converts better than any other type of media

What some of our lovely clients have to say

Michelle Bergquist, Connected Women of Influence

We love, love, love our videos! I’ve used videographers in the past, but was never thrilled with the results until now. You hit the mark, and we love our branding package, especially our logo reveal! Thank you Gain Crowd Media!

Sylvia Becker-Hill, Sylvia Becker-Hill Executive Coaching

Wow… You really captured the essence. Nothing needs to be added or changed. I am so pleased with my videos.

The Ultimate Video Marketing Production Package

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Your investment is $2495 USD. You can pay in full or take advantage of our payment plan of three monthly payments of $925 USD.

*Please note that the payment plan totals $2775 USD.


Get Started and Be Included In Our Next Video Production Day (Happening Soon!)


Get Going on Your Video Marketing Now



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The world needs your expertise that only you can bring.


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On behalf of myself and our team, we sincerely hope to have the honor and privilege of working with you.


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If you have any questions or would like to set up a personal phone strategy session with Melissa, click on the link and select a time that is convenient for you to talk.